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These preserves better be the best we can make or we'll have to answer to Grandma some day!

She may have passed away years ago but Edith Glen's attention to detail is still evident on every jar of our Maple BBQ sauce. These products were created when our choosiest customers asked for something extraordinary. Appetizers for elegant entertaining. New jellies for the cheese tray. The finest Mango coulis dessert topping. A Maple BBQ sauce that expresses genuine Canadian flavour.

These are truly premium preserves, and the fact that our Vegetable Antipasto and Red Pepper & Orange Jelly are now our two of our best selling products prove it!

Our Maple BBQ jar features a full colour reproduction of a rural Canadian scene painted by Edith Glen, (David's grandmother), over 75 years ago.

Glen Farms donates five cents from the purchase of each product to local charities and non-profit organizations.

Maple BBQ Sauce

Maple B.B.Q. Sauce

Contains 1/4 Pure Maple Syrup
Delicious on all grilled meat and vegetables. Terrific on baked poultry and it makes a great dipping sauce.

375 ml (13 oz.)


The creative art of preserving and the pleasure of genuine satisfaction come together when the refinement of flavours and craft rise to a new level of achievement that you can taste.

Merlot Jelly

Fresh and flavourful, great with cheddar and hard cheeses, or a wonderful boost to the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

100 ml (3.5 oz.)

$5.00 each

Making Merlot Jelly

These authentic old fashioned jellies are made from a blend of grape juice and wine. Our pure jellies jiggle when shaken.

Serve chilled.

No Gelatin!

Chardonnay Jelly

Lighter and sweeter than our Merlot Jelly, this is excellent with Brie and similar cheeses.

100 ml ( 3.5 oz. each)

$5.00 each

"You'll want to serve theses tasty jellies right out of the jar because they are elegant enough for entertaining."

Taste that is sure to remind you of Sunday Brunches, Summer Picnics, and Elegant Entertaining

Pomegranate Jelly

Tart and tangy. Great on everything. Made from 100% pure genuine California Pomegranates.

100 ml (3.5 oz.)

$5.00 each

At Glen Farms our Philosophy is Deliciously Simple,

We make Old Things a New Way,

And we make New Things the Old Way.

It's so right you can taste it.

Mango Coulis

Irresistibly Versatile. Delicious warm or cold on desserts or salads.

100 ml ( 3.5 oz. each)

$5.00 each

"you'll want to serve theses tasty treats right out of the jar because they are elegant enough for entertaining."

Vegetable antipasto...
Is a hit!!

Anna & Katie 1993

Our children were finicky eaters. BUT they love our Vegetable Antipasto with crackers! Not too sweet and made with lots of pickles, olives, sweet peppers and tomato, it makes a good snack. We recommend trying it on your finicky eater, whatever age. If they're under four, it might not be a pretty sight.

The final step in making everything at Glen Farms, is polishing off any fingerprints.

Every batch is checked all through cooking. Checked again as it is hand ladled into jars. Checked still again when it is labeled, sorted, gift wrapped and shipped. This attention to detail ensures you receive exceptional quality and value.

Addictive appetizers for your Elegant Entertaining.

Vegetable Antipasto

Our Best Selling Vegetable Medley That's Appetizingly Addictive.

Super on crackers during cocktails. Use it to liven up your sandwiches too.

125 ml (4.25 oz.)

$5.00 each

250 ml (8.5 oz.)

$7.00 each


You'll be thrilled how well our Red Pepper & Orange Jelly zips up your dinner table.

Made from red bell peppers, lightly spiced, and the fresh taste of orange. Wild with game and lamb, perfect for poultry! Use wherever you would use cranberry or mint sauce.

Red Pepper &
Orange Jelly

Sweet & Spicy. Scrumptious with cheese & crackers.

Makes a great glaze whether you broil, bake or barbecue.

125 ml ( 4.25 oz.)

$5.00 each

250 ml ( 8.5 oz.)

$7.00 each

"Zip up your Hors d'Oeuvres tray, without zapping your taste buds for dinner."

Personally, I don't see anything wrong with enjoying a whole jar of antipasto with friends.

Vegetable Antipasto

Hand Made in Small Batches from Vegetables(tomatoes, sweet peppers, olives, mushrooms, cucumber) sugar, vinegar, sunflower oil, herbs, spices & salt.

Hey, these are just snacks, save room for dinner!

Red Pepper & Orange Jelly

Hand Made in Small Batches from:(Red Peppers & Oranges), sugar, lemon juice, vinegar.

Don't forget, Red Pepper & Orange Jelly goes great with chicken and barbeque too.

Back by Popular Demand.

Just the right amount of sting to keep you coming back for more.

Years ago I was talking with Winston, the founder of Busha Browne's sauces from Jamaica about how whenever you make a hot version of anything, somebody always takes it as a challenge and will tell you they have had hotter. We both agreed, Glen Farms Hot was a perfect "Canadian Hot".

These are not suicide hot.

Hot Red Pepper & Orange Jelly

Hot and Sweet, great with chicken or pork chops.

125 ml ( 4.25 oz.)

$5.00 each

250 ml ( 8.5 oz.)

$7.00 each

Hot Vegetable Antipasto

Hard to beleive, but it is even more addictive than our original.

125 ml ( 4.25 oz.)

$5.00 each

250 ml ( 8.5 oz.)

$7.00 each

Hot Maple BBQ Sauce

Great on Salmon, Shrimp and Seafood too!.

375 ml (13 oz.)


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