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What's a FudgeCap?

Pure, Old Fashioned Small Batch Fudge in a treat size.

It won't spoil your appetite for dinner.

No guilty feeling for eating a big slab of fudge.

Comes in a recloseable package that fits in your pocket or purse. (not that that's a big point)

Costs only a Toonie, 3 for $5, 7 for $10.

With Grace, through Fire, Our Talents become Gifts.

With Sugar, through Fire, our Gifts become Fudge!

Fudge, really good fudge, combines butter, cream and sugar, with patience, care and love.

That's how our Mum made fudge, but we lost her when we were young, and afterward my sisters and I would try to recreate the comfort and sweetness that we felt when she made this marvelous treat. We couldn't. We didn't have the gift, only the recipe, and we gave up.

Years later, a dear friend taught me the technique of fudge making, just like her mother had taught her, and in doing so, she helped bring me back to life. DJG

Vanilla FudgeCaps

The finest things are the most thoughtfully made.


Pure natural ingredients. Rich creamy flavour. Exquisite texture.

Sophisticated Brain Candy

Scientific studies show that the butter, cream, and sugar raise your brain's serotonin levels. Your raised serotonin levels make you feel happy. Our rich creamy flavour makes the melt in your mouth memories.

Treat sized FudgeCaps are less than 175 calories each.

Of course we make them in chocolate too!

Coming Soon

Fresh Batch Gourmet

Fresh Batch Gourmet

The time is ripe to start offering Fresh, ready to enjoy, celebration and milestone gift baskets.

Glen Farms Fudge Caps, Flavour runs deep.

Famous Fudge Quotes;

"Give Fudge a Chance." John Lennon 1970

"With Great Fudge comes Great Responsibility." Spidermans's Uncle

"Other nations use force; we use fudge" Evelyn Waugh


"In the Future, Everyone will have their 15 minutes of Fudge." Andy Warhol 1968

"Let them eat Fudge." Marie Antoinette 1793

"There was fudge enough for lazing on the beaches, There was Fudge enough far into the night." Sir John Betjeman 1954

"May the Fudge be with you" George Lucas 1977

"All you need is Fudge." The Beatles 1967

"Eating Fudge is the is the most Fun you can have with your clothes on." Della Femina 1970

"I've taken my Fudge where I've found it. And now I must pay for my Fudge." Rudyard Kipling 1896

"Fudge is 90% mental, the other half is Physical." Yogi Berra 1962

"Thats one small step for fudge, one giant leap for mankind" Neil Armstrong

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