Can we help you

raise funds for your school or group?

create an annual fundraiser that everyone looks forward to?

create a prestige fundraiser that enhances your local image?

create a fundraiser that increases public awareness of your group's goals and ideals?

Perhaps a better question is;
will you let us help you?

Our 25 years in the fundraising business combined with our 30 years in the specialty food business tells us;

Of course we can!

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Fundraising has the Sweet Taste of Success

We keep it pretty simple.

The idea is to sell our Premium Preserves, Marmalades and Jellies to all your supporters. We offer a COD price that is better than our wholesale price to retailers. You decide what price you want to offer to your customers.

We put them in a 100ml jar with a nice big wide lid that gives us plenty of room to add your Logo and slogan. We then sell them at a price point that gives you great margins to raise funds.

This Jar Preserves Success

Our preserves offer an effective promotion with better margins than other products offered for fundraising. This means more money for your organization.

Here's a Sweet Idea.

We offer 6 flavours of Old Fashioned, Handmade Preserves, Marmalades and Jellies.

Wild Blueberry/Rhubarb,
Orange Peach Marmalade,
Red Pepper & Orange Jelly,
and just for good luck,
Canada #1 Golden un pasteurized Honey
for our 7th flavour.

How do You Measure Success?

Raise Extra Funds... Painlessly!

Spread the word, you'll get more.

Good Taste
A Promotion in Keeping with Your Good Name.

Here's how it works.

First you will need some help. It could be a small group or a large team, but people to pitch the product, take the orders and deliver the Jam. Our website is the best place to direct your customers for information because it has pictures and descriptions of all our products for sale. We have an order form that you can print out for your volunteers that you can customize with your logo and mission.

The Glen Farms Guide to
Effective Fundraising

Planning and marketing your fundraiser has never been easier.

Our Guide to Effective Fundraising will take you step by step to reaching your goals. Excellent for beginners, it's also a great checklist for seasoned fundraisers. Complete with templates for your Order form, Press Release, Radio Announcement and a sample letter to parents.

We need to know when you are running your fundraiser and how we can affordably get the product to you.

We encourage you to have a 2-3 week sales campaign before you place your order. Then you place your order for exactly what you need. That way there are no leftovers to eat up your profits.

We ask to have 10-14 days to then fill your order for pick-up here at 630 Dundas, London Ont.

Jam is heavy, and yes we can ship it to you, but that eats up a lot of profit. The best way is if you have a volunteer who has business in London to pick it up.

Fast track getting started Special

Some groups have been so anxious to get started with our plan that we have recommended the following.

Send us an email stating your commitment to use our fundraising concept and products.

Include your artwork and logo.

With a small commitment from you, we can get started right away.

Send us a cheque for $50, or call us with a Credit Card number (fully refunded once you have sold 200 jars).

We then send you our Glen Farms fundraising Guide ( a $20 Value).

You decide how many Flavours you want to offer.

Sometimes fewer choices can make for easier sales, but we do make hard to find Old Fashioned flavours, so it usually doesn't hurt to offer them all.

You then place an order for 48 jars of our Original Recipe Jams, Marmalades or Jellies for a special price of $125.00

We call you to pick up your order as soon as the artwork is done (about a week).

You then have samples for display and publicity (we will put your group and jar up on our webpage under "Who's running a fundraiser now") and all the tools you'll need to get off to a fast and effective start.

Contact David for more information on a fundraising program for your club or organization.


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