The Glen Farms Grapevine - How to Order

How to order.

Simply write us an email with what you want.

We ship through Canada Post and they deliver quickly and safely right to your home in 5 business days or less. You can even ask that somebody signs for the parcel for an extra $2.

Here's where we can help you out.

Any order over $25*, we will give you a $5 discount to help with the postage.

Any order over $40*, we will give you a $10 discount to help with the postage.

6 jars costs about $18 to ship anywhere in Canada and 12 jars are usually less than $25.

What we need from you;
your order,
your address,
your Visa or MasterCard number and the expiry date on the card.
If you are OK with emailing the numbers then go ahead and email them. We will delete your email and the numbers once the order goes through. If not, phone or text my cell 519-520-9113. I will try and answer but if I am cooking or driving I won't. Leave your numbers on the voice mail or leave your number and I will get right back to you.

Right now we are open Monday to Friday 10-5 and we will get back to you promptly.
After hours we will respond to all inquires as soon as possible... within 24 hours.

* Order amount before postage.

Slow down... you move to fast... you've got to make the morning last...just kicking down the cobblestones...looking for fun... and feeling groovy. Simon & Garfunkel

Real Time, Jam Time and People Time

Real Time; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's real time, some people thrive on it, this is the modern world and some people think we should all join in. We don't.

Jam Time; Quality takes time. Deep flavours take time. Deciding what to order first takes time.

People Time; We do our best every day. But not every day co-operates. The courier arrives early, the marmalade comes off late, throw in a game of phone tag and you have a real day.

Real Jam, made by Real People, living in a Real World.
Crazy as this sounds,
that makes us Real Different.

Our Mission is to Create, Manufacture and Distribute the Finest Specialty Food products in the World

To our Customers; We want you to get full value for your dollar by offering you world-class products and unequalled service.

To Our Community; We operate our company in a way that actively recognizes the responsibility that successful businesses should play in improving the quality of life for as many people in community as possible.

To Our Staff; We want to encourage creativity and productivity in a friendly, happy, workplace.

To Our Suppliers; We will be honest, straightforward and pleasant to do business with.

Copyrighted 1993 Glen Farms Herbs & Preserves Inc.

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VISA or Master Card

For safe reliable credit card orders please call:

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