Really Great Stores carry Really Great Products,

These Really Great Stores carry Glen Farms.

Lambeth: Dishington's Tea Room 2485 Main Street, London, On N6P 1R2

London: Hyde Park Feed & Country Store 1830 Gainsborough Road London, On N6H 5L2.

London: Van Luyk Garden Centre 1728 Gore (at Clarke) Road London, On.

St. Jacobs: The Farm Pantry 1386 King Street North St. Jacobs On, N0B 2N0.

Toronto: Baskits 1410 Warden Ave. Toronto, On M1R 5A3.
Downtown Location: TD Centre, Toronto

Wingham: Pandora's Pantry 222 Josephine Street Wingham, On N0G 2W0.

Wroxeter: Old 86 Farmers Market 44229 Amberly Road Wroxeter, On N0G 2X0.
Just west of Listowel on Highway 86. 519-291-4643

Do you know any really great stores that should be on this list? Please tell us, please tell them too.


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