Well you see it's like this.
We're not for everybody, we're Special.

Our Fearless Leader.

David J. Glen.
"the J. is for Jam Man"

I remember the first time I told somebody that. I was in Boarding School in the 1970's. It was to the Housemaster. My roommate and I were in big trouble because we didn't participate in his punishment of the whole house for some mischief that an individual had done. He asked me if I thought I was special and I said yes. You should have seen the look on his face, he was speechless, but he sure looked like he wanted to tell me something.

I knew in my heart then that punishing the innocent and letting the guilty go free was the wrong thing to do. I've let my heart guide me and my business ever since. It's why we try harder and why we don't cut corners.

We root for the little guy. We take a long term approach. We know that small accounts grow into big accounts.

We take the ordinary and do it extraordinarily well, simple but special.

Do you want to be a Glen Farms Store?

Glen Farms
Est. 1985


We are a premium brand and we build loyal customers.

We do well with the boomers but the hipsters are catching on to us too. We do well in stores not necessarily thought of as grocery stores. Garden Shops, Roadside Markets, Tourist Towns, seasonal opportunities and special events. Anywhere you find customers who don't necessarily have time to sit down and savour breakfast everyday, so when they do, they want the best.

And of course gifts. Hostess gifts and gifts to yourself.

Contact David for a wholesale price list.


Free Delivery Week. 4 times a year.

Road Trip!!

Time for a Re-stock.


The truth is we do well in small stores. Special small stores. The problem is that a lot of small stores all carry the same products because they all deal with big distributors who can offer them free delivery when they reach a minimum order. It's easy to reach the minimum when you carry a little bit of everything. The trouble is though, from a shopper's point of view, everybody's got the same stuff and nobody's special. From a store's point of view, how do you build loyal customers when everybody sells the same stuff?

We have always offered free delivery on C.O.D. orders over $500 within an hour so of our home base, London Ontario. But even that doesn't always help for a specialty shop's mid season top up.

So here is our new idea to help you out.
We are going to plan a Roadtrip 4 times a year.
The first week of February.
The first week of May
The first week of August
The first week of November
During those weeks we will give you free delivery on orders over $200 within an hour or so of London, Ontario. C.O.D. of course. We'll keep in touch and let you know our plans a few weeks before each Roadtrip week.

What you need and
Why we do it.

You need our Incredible Flavour so people buy it again and again.
You need our Black and Gold label with
Whole Fruit showing in the jar so people buy it the first time.
You need our Glen Farms Service so your stock is always full and fresh.

That's why we do it.



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